Photo credit: Maude Arsenault

Photo credit: Maude Arsenault

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Marie-Claude Lortie has been a journalist at La Presse since 1988 and a restaurant critic since 2002. She is currently a business columnist and in that position she keeps on being a food writer, with columns that can be about food entrepreneurs or the general state of food production, distribution or retail in Quebec and Canada.

She wrote the restaurant guide Restos Montréal for almost a decade and a guide about Toronto called Carnet d'une urbaine à Toronto published in 2014. She is also the co-author of three books about intuitive eating including Kilos Zen, Gold medalist of the Taste Canada Awards in 2017.

She has a BA in political science from McGill and an MA from Stanford where she discovered that she was feminist even though in the mid-80s we were at the beginning of a serious backlash. New York based, Montreal native Elizabeth Plank, a feminist and a journalist, once told Marie-Claude she'd been following her for a long time because she was a feminist even before it became trendy and acceptable in the mainstream media.  

She has three children and a dog, with whom she runs, training for marathons and other races. She also grows vegetables and loves designer platforms and other cool fashion items, especially second hand.