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Since co-founding Planet Shrimp in 2012, Marvyn continues to lead an integrated team of aquaculture specialists, engineers, architects and technologists in the planning, design, build and operation of the largest indoor commercial-scale shrimp farm in the world.

As President & CEO of a NASDAQ-listed company for 18 years, Marvyn's experience was integral in securing seed and second-stage financing for this industry-leading, innovative venture .


1986 - 2002: President & CEO, used office equipment company with $40 million in revenue. NASDAQ listed for 18 years.

2003 - 2012: Business development professional advising and assisting new and expanding companies in securing financing.

2012 - Present: Co-founder of Planet Shrimp inclusive of:

  • Secured $12MM+ in start-up and operational financing

  • Assembled a specialized team of professionals including aquaculture, engineering, architecture, technology and finance to design and build the first ever operational indoor commercial-scale shrimp farm

  • Group leader of aquaculture professionals in the optimization and continuous development of the company's proprietary and patented system inclusive of process and design

  • Group planner in the planning and execution of the company's operational and product global footprint

  • Team member in the development and execution of sales and marketing planning for introduction and ongoing distribution of a super-premium product in a commoditized category

  • Expert-level knowledge and insights re: global aquaculture and seafood markets.