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I’m born in June 2nd in 1972.  I’m a fourth child of a family of 5 boys.  With a size of 6 feet and a 230 pounds of weight, I’m the smallest boy in the family.  Then with that family size, my mother had to cook a lot and she enjoyed it.  She had always new recipes and tried everything with the food or ingredients she had at home and that, with no recipe book.  So, my passion for cooking start here.

We were the only family in the island that was not fisherman but we were a modest family.  My father worked very hard at the ferry to support the family with just one salary.  Then at 12 years old until early twenties, I start to dive to catch lobsters, clams and bar clams for selling it in campground to the tourists.  I also cooked for the people who didn’t know how to cooked it.  Already, at my early age, I dreamed to have a seafood restaurant.  I learned that from my mother and it was not commune at this time.  So my brothers teased me by saying I was adopted.  At this time, I had a certain customers and friendship who come back year after year and ask for me when they arrive for vacation.

At twenty years old, I had my own house with a first child and a second one in the next year.  This relationship didn’t work and ended up with a divorce.  Then I left the region for a few years but I missed so much New Brunswick.  So I came back with a strong desire  to stay and decided to bring my children back home and had the custody of them. 

During this period, I met my wife and had a third child.  Then together, we start a business and had the opportunity to became seafood wholesalers especially in lobster.  The desire to have a seafood restaurant were still present.  Our passion for cooking was so intense.  We cooked a lot for friends and family with always new recipe to taste.

In 2009, the opportunity showed up with the Acadian World Congress.  We jumped into the venture with no backward looking and no regrets.  Our other business provided us a financial security.  However, without expectation, the restaurant exploded in popularity.  So we needed to adapt quickly because the seafood restaurant took almost the same place of the other business of seafood wholesalers.

Although, we had a big challenge with the local people.  They were not ready to accept that type of cuisine and concept.  We decided to have something different with nothing deep fried or battered and our recipes was based on our homemade cooking.  Also we believed at local product, local beers and wines that was not popular at this time.  The people was skeptic and reluctant to change.  We believed so much of what we were doing then after 10 years, we have one of the biggest seafood place in Canada.  We also employed 18 peoples and served until 500 persons per day in an island who have around 450 of population.  The local people are now very proud of this place and many people drive 10-12 hours to visit us.

In conclusion, we do not know where it will lead us but the future look pretty good.  I had cancer and 2 big accidents in my life.  These events help us to see the life differently and to think positively.  It why we think we are no limit of what we can do.