Terroir 2012



Radical: (definition) of or going to the root, also favoring drastic political, social, and economic reforms. We found this shift fascinating in its duality, a balance between new industry leaders departing from establishment ideals and creating new regimes and norms while still maintaining excellence in their craft, technique, and sourcing. Classically trained and honoring traditions while creating dishes in a markedly new way.   

Discussions Included:

Rock & Roll Models, Do-it-yourself, Intentional Creativity, Fresh Ideas, Raw Talent, Better Food Systems, Creating the Message, Galvanizing the Industry, Salt-water Solutions for Weary Seas, Where the Wild Things Are, Canadian Cuisine; An Edible Mosaic, Bare Bones of Responsibility, Growing with the Flow: From Idealism to Successful Business Model, Fame & Fortune: How Connie DeSousa is seizing the Day, For the Love of Food.

List of Presenters:

Ken Friedman, Partner, The Breslin, The John Dory Oyster Bar, The Spotted Pig, Max Rimaldi, Proprietor, Libretto Restaurant Group, Vanessa Eckstein and Marta Cutler, blok design, Doug McNish, Lilia Smelkova, Food Day USA, Campaign Manager, Michael Stadtlander, Chef and organizer Foodstock, Barton Seaver, Author, For Cod & Country, Tama Matsuoka Wong, Author, Foraged Flavor, Kristian Eligh, Chef de Cuisine, Hawksworth, Vancouver, John S. J. Lee, President, Chippy’s Fish & Chips Inc., Instructor & Freelance Food Writer, Jeff Crump, Executive Chef, The Landmark Group, Connie DeSousa, Chef/owner Charcut, Calgary, keynote speaker: Ben Shewry, Chef, Attica, Melbourne, Australia.