Terroir 2008


We asked where the future would take us, but remembered the importance of traditional techniques. On one hand we asked how to define cuisines, push boundaries and seek out the future of flavour, on the other, we asked how fuse the traditional with the contemporary. We explored this by trying to understand our diverse ethnic traditions and to discuss what it takes to create a gastronomic culture that helps us identify our sense of place, whether that be through exemplary service, flavours, or wines.

Discussions Included

Gastronomical Us : How do we define Southern Ontario cuisine? – Changing the Business Model

How do we retain and recruit employees for the future? – Chef thrown down : debating the future of flavor – ancient traditions to contemporary kitchens : ingredients challenge – farm to table cooking demo – Ontario Sommeliers create the ultimate wine list – Inspiring Contemporary Cuisine with a Traditional Background

List of Presenters

Dick Snyder, City Bites, Malcolm Jolley, Donna Dooher, Restaurateur and Chef Mildred Pearce, Tawfik Shehata, Vertical Restaurant, Carlos Fuenmayor, Val Upfold, Oliver Bonacini, Jordan Romoff-Lecours Wolfson, Geoffrey Bray Cotton, Consultant, Peller Estates, Distillery, Langdon Hall, Graham Hayes, Canyon Creek, Adrian Caravello, Toby Nemeth, JK Wine Bar, Brian Burke, Joy Bistro, Marco Tucci, Hart House, Ted Corrado C5, Pamela Cuthbert, Slow Food, Anthony Walsh Canoe Restaurant, Dan Taylor, Economic Trade, Farm Product, Anne Martin, John Szabo, keynote Donald Ziraldo