Terroir 2010


It’s important to be constantly innovating in our industry, without it, you’ll surely perish. We wondered on the subjects of industry support, mentorship, and ultimately recipes for success. We questioned old and new topics; the resurgence of cocktail culture and whether tipping is outdated. We searched for the source of inspiration and the venerable David Kinch inspired us to look locally to create a sense of place on the plate.

Discussions Included:

By Design, Media in the Kitchen, Innovation

List of Presenters:

Keith Rushbrook & Dan Menchions from II x IV, Sasha Chapman, Adam Sachs, Mitchell Davis, Corby Kummer, Andrew Morrison, Alan Richmond, Bonnie Stern, Norman Hardie, Paul Grieco, Mark Cutrara, Cowbell, Kevin McKennan, Earth & Globe, Stephen Treadwell, Treadwells, Scott Vivian, The Wine Bar & Joshna Mahraj, The Cooking Studio, Michelle Kalman, Chris McDonald, Cava, Jen Agg, The Black Hoof & Len, Penachetti – Cave Spring, Rebecca Leheup, Ontario Culinary Tourism, keynote speaker; David Kinch, Manresa Restaurant, Los Gatos California

Concurrent Sessions:

To Oak or Not to Oak, that is the Question with Jamie Drummond, Norman Hardie, Paul Grieco  Creating Your Local Menu with Mark Cutrara – Cowbell, Kevin McKennan – Earth & Globe, Jason – Auberge du Pommier, Stephen Treadwell – Treadwells, Scott Vivian – The Wine Bar & Joshna Mahraj – The Cooking Studio at the ROM. Restaurant Review with Moderator – Rebecca Leheup, Ontario Culinary Tourism, Michelle Kalman, Chris McDonald – Cava, Jen Agg – The Black Hoof & Len Penachetti – Cave Spring. Bitter Cocktails Dick Snyder, City Bites Magazine, Mixologists: Jen Agg – the Black Hoof & Dave Mitton – Harbord Room, The Grasshopper and Master – The Power of Mentorship in the Hospitality Industry with Michelle Caine, Human Resources Manager, Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants, Bill Simpson, General Manager and Jasmine Baker, Director of Sales and Marketing, The Drake Hotel, Lora Kirk, Head Chef, Ruby Watchco and Chef Ryan Gallagher, Chef de Cuisine at Bier Market. The Tipping Point with Max Valiquette, and Anne Yarmovitch.